about us


Earnest Brew Works is a brewer-owned and operated brewery and taproom coming to Toledo, Ohio in 2016. Earnest Brew Works is the vision of two homebrewers who want to share their passion for beer. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and the beers brewed at the EBW will be no different – we will both pay homage to traditional beer styles while also bringing in a fresh take on ingredients. The word earnest means “serious in intention, purpose, showing depth and sincerity.” This captures the brewers’ attitudes towards beer and brewing. Earnest Brew Works chooses to brew great beers for our community’s enjoyment.

our team


I have been a homebrewer for 20 years and like most homebrewers, I would often think about opening a brewery. 20 years has been long enough, it is time for me to jump in feet first and open my brewery.


I knew I was hooked for life after I brewed my first batch. Brewing to me is a perfect blend of technical merit and artist expression. It satiates my desire to produce something that others enjoy, and it is so rewarding when appreciated.