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South Toledo Location ONLY, 4342 S. Detroit 

Monday (8-15)  
4-8 pm  Fat Boys (Facebook)

Tuesday (8-16)  
4-8 pm Rusty's Road Trip (Facebook) & PM Frosted Fantasies (Facebook)

Wednesday (8-17)  
4-8 pm  Duce's Dawgs (Facebook)

Thursday (8-18)
4-8 pm  Frankly Plant (Facebook) and Grumpy's (Facebook)

Friday (8-12)
4-8 pm Deet's (Facebook) 

Saturday (8-13)                                                                                                       4 to 8 pm Beastro Burger Truck (Facebook) and Baba's Eats (Facebook)

Sunday (8-14)
2-7 pm  Sorry, No Food Truck

Monday (8-15)  
4-8 pm  Fat Boys (Facebook)

(Please contact the food truck operators directly with menu questions.)

Our Food Truck Partners:

Beastro Burger Truck (Facebook)

Duce's Dawgs (Facebook)

Holey Toledough - Handcrafted Doughnuts (Facebook)

Koral Hamburg Food Truck (Facebook)

Manny's Munchies (Facebook)

Off the Rails (Facebook)

PM Frosted Fantasies (Facebook)

Rusty's Road Trip (Facebook)

Smashdawgz (Facebook)

Rosie's Rolling Chef (Facebook)

Saucy Slamwich (Facebook)

PM Frosted Fantasies (Facebook)

Susie Lynn's Lemonade (Facebook)

Cookie Doughlicious (Facebook)

NeNe's Sweet Treats (Facebook)

Tropical Sno (Facebook)

Frankly Plant (Facebook)

Pepperoni Tony (Facebook)

Baba's Eats (Facebook)

Jo-Jo's (Facebook)

El Padrino (Facebook)

Deet's (Facebook)

Holey CheezeUs (Facebook)

Lyle's Crepes (Facebook)

Wicked Lobstah (Facebook)

Queso Kitchen (Facebook)

Jonny Burritos (Facebook)

Grumpy's (Facebook)

Trip'n Biscuits (Facebook)

Papi's & Hahny's (Facebook)

Maybe Cheese Born With it (Facebook)

Chef Rob's Philly Steak (Facebook)

Wicked 'Wiches & BBQ (Facebook)

Cruising Cuisine (Facebook)

Chicken Scratch (Facebook)

Wandering Bean Coffee (Facebook)

Fat Boys (Facebook)