Our Beers

1. Earnest Bock - Dark Lager - 5.8%, 14 SRM 37 IBU

This lager was brewed with Summer in mind. While this lager is based on German traditional Bock beer, earnest version has a toned down body and color.

2. JPA - Japanese Pale Ale - 7.2%, 6 SRM 66 IBU

The Japanese version of an IPA. Brewed with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops, with rice added to lighten the body.

3. Easy - Golden Ale - 5.2%, 6 SRM 26 IBU

Your palate will not be challenged with this beer. The hops are light and smooth. Easy to drink, easy to enjoy.

4. Beer Pressure - Juicy IPA - 6.8%, 4 SRM 48 IBU

New Encland style IPA is the hottest beer style and EBW was pressured to brew one. Beer Pressure pours cloudy, with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel via the oats aded to the mash. Our mission statement is to brew beers for our community's enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy.

5. Sea of Tranquility - Hazy Raspberry IPA - 6.9%, 4 SRM 42 IBU

On July 20tg, 1969 Ohio’s very own Niel Armstrong took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. Sea of Tranquility was the place on the moon that he took those first steps. If they ever take a beer to the moon, Sea of Tranquility is worthy.

6. New Sincerity - West Coast IPA - 6.9%, 9 SRM 61 IBU

West Coast IPAs focus on hops. Citrus and floral hops nose, lighter body with a most pleasant taste. Sip after sip, New Sincerity delivers.

7. Holiday Spicewood - American Barley Style Ale - 9.2%, 4 SRM 62 IBU

Brewed with copious amounts of spices, coriander, allspice, nutmeg and crystallized ginger. Just for an extra kick, pounds, upon pounds of cinnamon sticks and toasted oak chips were added. The noise is full of cinnamon, drinks smooth, with a hint of orange and finishes with a slight oakness.

8. AM/PM - Blonde Coffee Ale - 6.3%, 4 SRM 26 IBU

Custom, light roasted coffee from the Actual Coffee was used in this blonde ale. Don’t be fooled by the color, there is plenty of coffee in this beer. Enjoy it in the AM or PM.

9. Honeybuzz - Honey Forward Double IPA - 9.1%, 10 SRM 88 IBU

Not as bitter/hoppy as other DIPA’s. Pours deep yellow/honey color with a white head, with distinct honey sweetness in the aroma. The flavor delivers exactly what you expect. Brewed honey sourced from lovely Henry County, home of Scott Yarnell, EBW brewer.

10. Raspberry Cream Summer Wheat - 5.6%, 4 SRM 24 IBU

If you are looking for a refreshing summer beer, this is it. Raspberry flavor with creaminess in the body and a bit of sweetness balance this beer is just right.

11. Raspberry Cream Summer Wheat - 6.3%, 4 SRM 24 IBU

EBW will be brewing 4 wheat beers for the Summer. First was Hibiscus Summer Wheat (returning in 2 weeks) and second is the Raspberry Cream Summer Wheat.

12. Blueberry Summer Wheat with Ginger and Honey - 6.1%, 6 SRM 25 IBU

The blueberry adds to the color and flavor, while the ginger provides a nice tingle on your tongue. Honey was blended into this Summer Wheat as the link between ginger spices and blueberry fruit. This creates a unique and enjoyable beer.

13. Crunchy Hippie - Granola Brown Ale - 6.2%, 21 SRM 40 IBU

This beer was developed name first, what is a Crunchy Hippie beer? After some thought, the idea of liquid granola was used to come up with the recipe. Brewed with oats, wheat, brown sugar, honey, sunflower/chia/hemp seed, raisins and cherries.

14. Black Forest Crunchy Hippie - Chocolate/Cherry Granola Brown Ale - 6.2%, 21 SRM 40 IBU

Earnest worked with the German American Fest to create a beer inspired by Black Forest Cake. Try it, after all who doesn’t love cake?

15. Blueberry Queen - Grape/grain hybrid beer with blueberries - 10%, 5 SRM 18 IBU

Blending grape juice and malt is one of Earnest's most creative styles. The beer comes off as not a beer and not a wine, it is satisfying. Sauvignon Blanc grape guice and German Pilsen malt were fermented as the base for this beer. Blueberry puree was added and the result is fit for a queen.

16. Worker’s Porter - 6.1%, 27 SRM 40 IBU

This porter was designed for smooth enjoyment. A clean fermenting yeast allows the slight roast from the meal to be detected.

17. Hello Beer - Hibiscus Beer - 5.7%, 4 SRM 24 IBU

Brewed with hibiscus flowers, sweet orange peel and a touch of coriander. There is a subtle hibiscus flower on the nose, pours a nice pinkish color, with a white head, low bitterness and a pleasant clean finish.

18. Have a Nice IPA - American IPA - 7.4%, 7 SRM 82 IBU

Simcoe and Cascade hops lend to the somewhat juicy hop nose, pours clear, with a slight hop bitterness. Have a nice day with an Earnest IPA.